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The Edinburgh Castle

This childlike story captures the essence of Edinburgh Castle's history in a way that is engaging and accessible for young imaginations, weaving together elements of adventure, bravery, and the enduring spirit of the Scottish people.

Brave Knights and Mighty Castles

Once upon a time, on a great big rock in Scotland, there stood a magnificent castle called Edinburgh Castle. It was like a fortress, towering high above the land, with walls so strong they seemed to touch the sky.

Long, long ago, when knights rode on noble steeds and battles raged across the land, Edinburgh Castle was a place of great adventure and bravery. Iron Age people, with their mighty swords and shields, built a hill fort on the rock, looking out for enemies from afar.

In those days, the castle was filled with echoes of ancient poetry, telling tales of heroic warriors who feasted and laughed within its walls before marching off to face their destiny in battle.

But the castle's story didn't end there. It faced many trials and challenges, enduring fierce sieges during the Wars of Independence. Brave Scots and daring English soldiers fought for control of the mighty fortress.

One night, when the moon hung low in the sky and the stars shimmered like silver, a young knight named Thomas Randolph led a daring raid to reclaim the castle for Scotland. With swords drawn and hearts afire, they stormed the walls, driving out the English invaders and raising the flag of victory high above the castle keep.

As the years passed, the castle's defenses grew stronge. Great cannons like Mons Meg stood guard, ready to defend against any who dared to challenge its might. The Half Moon Battery and the Argyle Battery, armed with powerful guns, kept watch over the land below.

The Edinburgh Castle continues to stand tall, a testament to the courage and determination of those who called it home. To this day it is a symbol of Scotland's rich history and enduring spirit.

And who knows? Maybe somewhere, deep within its ancient walls, the echoes of those brave knights and mighty battles still linger, waiting to be heard by those who listen closely enough.


You can explore the Edinburgh Castle 3D model here!  Careful, you may have a lot of fun with this!

Edinburgh Castle for Kids: Fun Facts and Amazing Activities

by Moreno Chiacchiera 

Explore Scotland's most famous castle -- home to kings and queens, the site of historic battles, and probably the best-known place in Scotland. Published in partnership with history experts at Edinburgh Castle and Historic Environment Scotland, this fun, fact-packed book includes everything you need to know about the castle's 1000-year history: -- Its most famous residents and treasures -- Who attacked the castle, and who tried to defend it -- Its dank dungeons and the prisoners who tried to escape -- The terrible battles and incredible sieges -- The secrets and the mysteries Conveying fascinating facts through simple words and loads of historically accurate illustrations, Edinburgh Castle for Kids will appeal to a wide age range of young visitors from all over the world. Each section includes a fun activity -- mazes, doodling and colouring, spot the difference, untangle, search and find and join the dots. With a mix of brilliant facts and enjoyable activities, Edinburgh Castle for Kids is the ultimate guide for kids to Scotland's most famous landmark -- whether you've visited or not!

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