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Scotland In The Class

In everything we create, we believe students should have the opportunity to engage in meaningful heritage learning.  Making cultural connections that provide meaning and context to standards based concepts. 



Social emotional learning is embedded in all Scotland In The Class Lessons as we celebrate diversity.

Language Arts

Did you know the author of Peter Pan was born in Scotland?  Explore the incredible literature, poetry, and legends from Scotland through Scotland In the Class lesson plans. 

Music & Art

The music and art lessons integrate the history of this magical culture. Learn about the Highland bagpipes, traditional musical forms, the scotch snap, the pictish art and castles through this engaging lessons!

Physical Education

Scotland is not only the home of Golf, it is also famous for the Highland Athletic field events such as the Cabor Toss and Tug of War! Various styles of dance also represent the social and historical Scottish culture.

Standards Based

Teachers can access all these standards based lesson plans for free!


What Teachers Are Saying...

"The Lesson's were very organized, comprehensive, and engaging for the students. THANK YOU SO MUCH!"

St. Ann School
Kelly Meyer

"All information was presented in an easy to follow way. A great way to teach diversity through the universal language of music.”

Music Teacher
Mandy Bailey

"I am finishing this unit with my fifth graders. It has been a fascinating and superbly fun unit . I never knew anything about waulking before, but this has taught me so much! Through this unit the kids get some great cultural exposure, interesting foreign language, a deeper way to think about work and community, creatIve lyric writing, working together on a task, and an appreciation for what has come before. I love that there are so many extensions all included, from videos to teaching audio, to Maps and flags, to additional language lessons. It inspired the kids to go beyond the unit and investigate their own heritage, ethnic clothing, and playful solo singing. My principal happened to sit in on one of the lessons and was absolutely fascinated! She loved it !”

Episcopal Collegiate School, Arkansas
Karen Clark

"The Lessons are great! It is a fun, comprehensive set of plans that are very easy to follow."

St. Ann School
Mrs Meyer

"I really like how the layout of the lesson is very clear and sequential! I love that the children will think about times that they have persevered and will be able to use this lesson as a reminder when they are struggling with something.. I also like the exit ticket requiring students to sequence events- this is such an important skill that they need to learn in second grade!”

EAC International School
Alyssa Wakely

Scotland in the Class is a perfectly integrated unit that is aligned with the teaching objectives required by the state of NC and it is so user friendly.  The lessons, the music, the work…its all done for you.  A teacher’s dream!”

Holly Tree Elementary
Kimberley Rouse Ciamillo